The top 9 Dropship errors will ruin your business.


As a supplier chain management approach, in recent years, Dailship has enabled retailers to profit from zero inventories and small capital investments.


However, due to the easy availability of shipping services and other factors, it is difficult for shippers to reach higher levels, and some even have to give up their shipping business. Many people will ask questions like “Is it dead?” or “How can I earn $1,000/month?” Here, what I want to say is that the ship is not dead, you are in a growing link. Just keep yourself avoiding these 9 terrible mistakes and your business will increase as the downtrend shows above.

1. Start with a General Store

One of the most difficult decisions for novices is what kind of store they should run. General stores, with a wide variety of categories, targeting larger customers, or vertical stores, focusing on a niche and targeting a particular customer group, which one is better for your business? The answer is vertical storage. While the average store’s goal is for larger customers, it’s hard to understand your target customers and develop correct and effective strategies to market and improve your sales. In addition, it is difficult for a general store to impress customers, and it is difficult to establish a connection between customers.

2. Spend too Much Time Finding Niche

The niche determines the future sales of your store, which is crucial. However, a niche with good statistics may not perform well in practice. So when you find a niche that has a chance to enter, you need to test it and effectively adjust your strategy. My advice is that you can pick out about 10-20 products from this market to test the market potential. The sooner you gain an advantage in this niche market, the more likely you are to defeat others.

3. Know Nothing about Suppliers but Import Most Products from Them

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. When an emergency occurs, don’t just do business with one supplier, then the supplier may stop selling the product or raise their price, which will cause you to sell the lost order. If you have other options, things will be much easier. Of course, if you feel good about suppliers and plan to do long-term business with them, you’d better sign a contract with them to ensure that your business goes smoothly. In my opinion, Alipay is a good start, other suppliers like us.

4. Sell Items That Are Not Proper to Dropship

There are some items that you should avoid to sell:

  • Items have copyrights or VERO. Never sell this kind of items. It will cause your store be shut down and make your all effort in vain.
  • Items with long delivery time. You should be careful about the supplier shipment time that shows in the description. Customers always hope to get their parcel as soon as possible. If you must sell these kind of items, you should put a clear delivery time on the listings to let your customers know that so you will not get troubled with shipment problem.
  • Items with no sale record or negative reviews. Don’t import products from 0 sale listings or negative listings. For 0 sale listing, supplier may actually have no inventory for this product. If you must sell it, confirm the listing’s information about inventory, quality, shipment method and shipment time and so on. For negative review listing, it means unqualified goods, you should avoid this kind of product

5. Pay Little Attention to Marketing

The low threshold of the shipping industry means high competition. The number of bulk sellers selling the same product is common. The shipping association believes that as long as there are enough products, there will be sales. In fact, no! Never expect sales to grow as the number of listings increases. What you should do is optimize your products to catch your eye and put them on social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram. Or you can contact a popular blog or self-media through Google Search. Or, you can also be in the Red Di online market, which is popular with the American people. Here, you can use followers to quickly find celebrity YouTube.

6. Poor Customer Service

Customers sometimes conduct pre-sales consultations, and sometimes sellers ignore or delay too much time to respond because they don’t have time. In this case, it is easy for customers to turn to your competitors and leave a bad impression on your store, especially when you are canceled. If not handled properly, you will even lose money because you have not confirmed it. It is necessary for you to send a successful order confirmation, a shipping confirmation and a thank you letter will be better after delivery. All of this shows that you care about them, which will increase customer satisfaction and help them become active customers in your store, which even helps you to promote yourself spontaneously.

7. Unclear Return and Refund Policy Procedure

Returns and returns are always a big problem because it is related to suppliers, bulkters and customers, which can be complicated. Therefore, it is necessary to establish your return refund system. You need to let customers know what your return and refund policy is and how to do this to avoid unnecessary disputes. Make sure you understand the supplier’s return and refund policy to avoid losses and deal with them in a timely manner.

8. No Awareness of Supplier’s Holiday

This is a big problem for shippers because their suppliers are mostly from China. Usually, suppliers from China stop doing business on public holidays in China. Make this clear and adjust according to the actual situation. The following is a public holiday in China for your reference:


9. Too Anxious to move on and give up quickly

You’d better not expect to become a great dropshipper in a short time. Though the start is easy, next lever is much more difficult. Usually, it takes years for you to become a dropship specialist. Failure is common. If you really interested in it, just carry on.